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Irrigation Upgrade

Aphrodite Hills Golf, Cyprus
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  • Created by: Chryso Iasonos

Following an irrigation audit in October 2016 the sprinklers around the greens were upgraded during the full greens and bunkers renovation and reconstruction that took place between June 2017 and December 2018. The original irrigation design had just one sprinkler (average of 4 per green) working as a full circle - where they would water the greens & surrounds even if you only wanted to water the green. Knowing the greens would need more water than the surrounds this led to wet areas and a lot of wasted water. Following the report, we have upgraded to back-to-back part circle sprinklers giving us greater control over our irrigation patterns. This upgrade allowed us to be more efficient with water around the greens and targeting the correct areas with the correct sprinkler run times.