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Fauna Repository

Finspångs Golfklubb, Sweden
  • Related to: Nature
  • Created by: Bo Lindgren

Many insects are dependent on access to decaying wood for their survival. In nature there is often a lack of such decaying wood. In many woodlands and leafy areas old trees and fallen tree trunks are quickly tidied away. By creating strategically placed fauna repositories it is possible, at low cost, to encourage many species that live on dead wood to populate an area and create a better environment for both birds and mammals. On Finspong Golf Club`s course we have created three such repositories. They consist of trunks from different kinds of broadleaf trees such as birch, oak, aspen etc. Near the respositories, there are information signs explaining for visitors the purpose of the repositories. Our goal with the fauna repositories is not only to attract insects and birds but even hedgehogs, amphibians and other animals. In this way we hope to contribute to the diversity of animals on the golf course.