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Drought helps in the fight against Poa

The International Amsterdam, Netherlands
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  • Created by: Joris Slooten

In the run-up to the 100th edition of the Dutch Open, the greenkeeping team at The International under supervision of Tom Maddison, has made efforts to reduce Poa Annua Particularly on the fairways, the share of Poa in the turf had become too high to be able to guarantee consistent playing quality. To keep the playing quality of Poa acceptable, a high input of fertilization and irrigation is required. This does not go well with the desired fairway grasses that thrive in poor conditions. The dry weather conditions in 2018 and in 2019 were a blessing in this regard. By following a precise irrigation and fertilization regime, Head-Greenkeeper Tom managed to give the Lolium Perenne a competitive advantage on Poa. This approach has reduced the share of Poa to below 10%. This offers excellent opportunities to bring the fairways in top condition for the tour players who are guests in the second week of September.